Maximizing Your Potential

An excerpt from Maximizing Your Potential: As we begin our discourse on this theme, it is important for us to first define the terms of the title to give us a better understanding of the subject.

What is a Potential?

A ‘potential’ is generally referred to as an unrealized ability capable of development into future realities and success. These potentials are latent qualities, talents, gifts or skills. It is an inward endowment the Lord has given to us.

Dr. Myles Munroe defines potential as Dormant Ability. Untapped Strength. Unused Success. Hidden Talents. Capped Capability.

To Maximize?

To ‘maximize’ is to make the best use of something or to increase something as much as possible in a way that gets the best result out of it.

To ‘Maximize Your Potential’, that is; to make the best use of your ability and to increase it into success, it is necessary to first discover your potentials, so you can know the source and purpose of them before taking the right steps to develop them.



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