World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries WVCOM was founded in 1996 response to a God given vision for the last days Church and World Harvest. Cooperating with the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, WVCOM seeks the release and development of our Lord’s glorious third day Church.

Brother Israel Onoriobe has been in the prophetic ministry for over twenty four years, operating in the revelatory gifts, especially in words of prophecy and prophetic preaching. With the grace of an apostolic-type ministry and a prophetic unction upon his life. Brother Israel travels extensively around the nations ministering the message of the Kingdom and declaring the purposes of God in releasing the body of Christ into a greater maturity and Christ-like stature. He has ministered in over 65 nations.

In the last twenty years, an apostolic commission was released upon this work to see a cooperative networking of churches, ministries and ministers who would give themselves in a greater expression of apostolic release. Flowing out of this have come a new fresh fire of revelation, restoration and revival power. Signs, wonders, and miraculous healings are being preached and demonstrated. A great hunger for the impartation of healing and restoration within the body has emerged.

Brother Israel has seen an unprecedented volume of healing and restoration being released during his time of ministry and many has been delivered from demonic strongholds and oppressions.

Brother Israel has a passion to equip and release the body to a greater realization of the corporate healing and deliverance, which is available to them. WVCOM fully believes a new move of the Spirit is upon the nations that will lead to an unprecedented ingathering, shaping and changing the face of the church.

World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries WVCOM has become an active cog in the wheel of Kingdom Construction, Kingdom Advance and Kingdom Excellence in Africa and beyond. In the last few years, WVCOM has been instrumental in changing church cultures and facilitating change in ministries – causing a paradigm shift into a new concept of Kingdom lifestyle and transitioning from the old strategy (church) to an innovative concept (Kingdom). It is a change of the old wineskin for the new.

We have also been involved in setting up leadership training conferences and seminars for Church leaders over the years in different nations. This is one of the principle aims of WVCOM: to teach, train and to release new Kingdom workers as well as ordain new leadership with apostolic commissions. This we believe will be accomplished through establishing of covenant relationships and partnership with other like ministries and leaders across the nations as the Lord divinely bring the links together for His purpose.

WVCOM does serve to bring covering for orphan ministries, churches and ministers as we relate in a covenant relationship and proclamation for Kingdom advancement for the reformation and restoration of all things.

With these, we solely proclaim and declare that WVCOM’s mission is to provide a relational network of ministries and churches that are in vital covenant relationships with one another. This comes about through a united vision of equipping, releasing and maturing the church. The core of the vision is to see existing churches strengthened, new churches planted, global missions and evangelism, while training ministry leadership. The purpose is to see the body of Christ come into Her Glory for the fullness of Christ’s stature awaiting His appearance.

By a passion to build the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries is seeking those who have heard such a call of the Spirit. We are laboring to enter into functional relationship with those who feel called to bring revival, restoration and reformation to the church by every possible means necessary.

This is a Kingdom vision, the passion is the Love of God and the frequency is Apostolic.