Ask of me, and I shall give thee the nations for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession – Psalm 2: 8

God is moving the church into a greater performance of His purposes for the earth. He is Declaring and Doing new things (Isaiah 42:9). This is a new day and a new season in God and we must understand His plans and strategies through a revelation of heaven’s perspective for the church in the now.

This is a decade of destiny for Africa to see the Kingdom of God advance into the nations. We are living in a kairos moment and divine access has been granted to the church to activate prophetic frequencies as we begin to unveil kingdom mysteries and apostolic strategies for the global expansion of the gospel and the increase of God’s Kingdom on earth. The church in Africa is on the rise and taking her rightful position to become a catalyst that would carry the Kingdom of God to the nations.

As a ministry, we the WVCOM International believe that there is a mandate and great responsibility and assignment upon us, and we are being compelled with great urgency and passion to make an impact for the Kingdom in Africa and the nations.

Our ministry has a mandate of reaching the continent of Africa and beyond. This is the commission the Lord gave to me when I was in the Kingdom of Swaziland in May 2002 around 2am as I was in communion with Him. The Lord impressed these nations in Africa in my heart.

Botswana, Zambia, Togo, Mauritius, Congo, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Gabon, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Cameroon, Liberia

We have mapped out some strategies and this is an operation we have tagged “Invading the Nations – The Mandate”. Our ministry has been reaching out into some of the nations for the past 24 years and God has moved tremendously and many has been reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ in 65 nations, but at this time we are trusting the Lord to make our presence known by taking this ministry into these nations listed above in declaring the purposes of God. There is a great possibility to ignite revival and restoration to see a great harvest into the Kingdom of God in these nations. It is an enormous task and calls for intense prayers and support. It’s a challenging one as we have to believe God for all the resources and finances to come in, but we know that the Lord is able as we trust Him to accomplish His will through this mission.

Our Purpose:

1. To declare the message of the Kingdom of God – This is a passion for the lost in reaching and harvesting them for the Kingdom.

2. Unveiling the Purposes and Will of God – Creating an awareness of Christ – bringing the Church into a spiritual insight and understanding of the Lord and His Kingdom, and by so doing establishing a dwelling place for the reign of the Lord upon the earth. (Revelation 21: 3).

3. Reaching the Nations – A networking of leaders, churches and ministries for a total invasion of the land and the establishing and advancing of the Kingdom of God for the reformation and restoration of all things.

Our Mission:

In our mission into these nations, we will raise up, train and equip an apostolic team of ministers and ministries that will fan the true flame of revival in preparing the church for the harvest and the second coming of Jesus. By this we will be running Gospel Campaigns, Leadership Seminars and International Conferences in some of the targeted areas which will help accomplish the vision and as well mobilize indigenous laborers that will continue to advance the Kingdom message in their nations.

We are trusting the Lord that through our relationship and International Network of Ministries, we will have the privilege and opportunity to bring in matured leaders and ministry teams with integrity from around the world who will be relating with us in covenant fellowship to minister to the leaders that will be participating in our conferences and seminars, as well as the nations at large.

We beseech and call for those who are of a willing heart and feel the Lord is leading them to partner, network and help finance and assist with this vision of Invading the Nations.

Prayer Request:

  1. We need financial partners to help finance this mission for the Kingdom of God; for our leadership training conferences, travels etc.
  2. Right contacts and relationship with ministers and ministries who will be networking with us.
  3. Expansion of our network with nationals in these nations and doors of entrance to be open.
  4. Favor in securing visas and necessary permits into these nations.
  5. The direction of the Lord and His will in every nation, seminars and conferences in fulfilling the assignment of advancing and establishing of the Kingdom of God.
  6. God’s divine protection over the ministry/teams that will be going into these nations for this purpose.

We the World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries (WVCOM) is committed totally to this with our partners. We are committed to see a realization of this vision. We trust that as you read through this you will join the chariot for His Kingdom sake.