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Rediscovering the Message of Jesus

Another important aspect of the Patterns and Principles of Christ is the rediscovering of the original message and mission of Jesus Christ, because this is fundamental to the ultimate purpose of the Church. Without doubt, the Church will lose her prominence and significance in the community due to misconceptions of the message and mission of Jesus Christ. If we lose the essence of the message of Jesus then we have lost the purpose of our salvation, and have missed the […]

The Process of Transition

An excerpt from the Book Process of Transition: “A spiritual father that does not expresses the original plan and purposes of God will lack God’s power, and manipulation and control become inevitable. Spiritual fathers then begin to control, dominate and manipulate their sons to achieve their selfish agenda, and as a result many are wounded and abused in such relationships, and the family in ruined.” With these words Apostle Israel steps right into the midst of troubled waters in this present […]