Knowing God

God’s purpose and desire from the beginning was to have humans to be like Him in all His nature and character; and for them to know Him through an intimate relationship. However, man’s disobedience brought Sin, Curse, Mortality and Alienation. This resulted in man’s ultimate removal from his paradise as he fell from God’s glory and lost access to the tree of Eternal Life.

God has not changed His plan, neither has He failed in His purpose. God’s plan through salvation by Christ is to restore and transform us to be like Him, beginning from our mind and heart. God has determined to achieve this plan through an intimate relationship with us that will produce His nature and His life in us. This is the order of the “New Creation”, which is the product of a unique quality of relationship with Him that comes from knowing Him and flows from the life of God.

The intention of this book is to open our understanding to the true meaning and purpose of “Eternal Life” and ignite a fresh fire and passion in our hearts for intimacy with God, which will make us true and an unstoppable God Chasers.



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