Living on the Cutting Edge

Living on the Cutting Edge. Every season comes with a specific mandate, and our understanding of God’s mandate for the season will bring a clear direction and fulfilment of His purpose in our lives. So, the pivotal question is, “what is God doing in this new season, and what should our priorities be to see that the eternal purposes of God and His kingdom are being fulfilled in us, and through us?”

This book, Living On The Cutting Edge, will give you a Prophetic Insight into the Present Time and Season, which will enlighten you to understand the spiritual significance of the time we are living in, and to know what the Lord is saying and doing, so that we can pursue the realities and manifestations of the kingdom, and the full dimensions of spiritual maturity [sonship].
Some of the Key Emphasis & Manifestations we will look at are:
The Manifestation of the Sons of God.
The Revealing of a Greater Manifestation of God’s Glory.
The Restoration of True Worship to God.
A Greater Level of Intense Prayers & Deep Intimacy with the Lord.
A Great Harvest of Souls into the Kingdom of God.
We will also look into hindrances to the fulfilment of these truths, so that you can avoid the spiritual pitfalls, and not be hindered in any way not to walk in the manifestations of God’s purpose.



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