The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God

Registration is required for all international delegate: $100.00 USD per person (Non-refundable).

  •  Requirement for International Delegates:
    US$100 per delegate – The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, you may wish to transfer your registration to another person, provided that it has been fully paid. Notwithstanding, The WVCOM International office must be advised in writing before 7th August 2010. Your registration and payment are confirmation that you have read and accepted the conditions outlined below.
    International delegates in need of visas to enter the Republic of South Africa should contact WVCOM International Office. Please confirm with the South African High Commission closer to you if your country falls under this category and if you are required to have a visa. Those who secure visas and for whatever reason refuses to attend the Summit will forfeit the registration fees.
  • Invitation letter for visa purposes will be sent from our office on request, only when confirmation of the full registration has been paid. If there is no representative in your nation, the said amount must be transferred into our bank account in South Africa, Australia or Nigeria. Please note that bank transfer would require an extra commission which must be paid. Delegates in need of invitation letter must book an accommodation.
  • In the case of encountering extreme difficulty in sending funds out of your country, we will require that you prayerfully sign your Promise of Payment on arrival. We trust your honest declaration that you will make the full payment on arrival at the Summit.
    Every delegate will be responsible in covering their cost for their return flight ticket, accommodation, food and all expenses to be incurred in South Africa during their visit. No contingent fund is available for such request.
    During the sessions of the Summit, we will be receiving freewill offerings to help deflect cost and meet required needs. We consider this as a vital part of our worship to God and as an investment into the Kingdom of God and for the extension of His purposes. We ask that you come with a cheerful heart of expectation to minister unto God in this manner.
    Delegates must be able to understand, converse, and write in English, as there will be no interpretation during the session
    International delegates must possess confirmed return ticket, valid for 13 days before traveling. Your ticket must cover the Summit duration from 12th – 22nd August 2010. Participants should double check with their travel agents to ensure that their return flight has a confirmed seat. As soon as your visa is granted and your tickets is ready and you are fully set to come, please inform the WVCOM International office of your arrival detail, so they can pick you up at the relevant stop/arrival point in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Please contact the World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries office for confirmation of your last stop by flight or by bus or train so you can be advised and picked up.
    (WVCOM)International may provide home accommodation at subsidize rate of extra US$100 per delegate for the duration of the Summit). This accommodation is available only for accepted participants on first come first serve basis and we do not arrange accommodation for anyone who arrives much earlier than necessary. Arrival time should be from Wednesday 11th August 2010 to latest Sunday 15th August 2010. It is required that all delegates accommodated in homes must depart from the homes on the Monday 23rd August 2010. If they are staying longer, then they must be prepared to cover their expenses in a hotel. WVCOM International does not have any contingent funds for delegates who become stranded for any reason due to their lack of preparation and provision for their trip.
    100% commitment, full attendance and participation is required from every delegate towards all ministry/teaching sessions, worship, prayers and activities, as we will not tolerate any misconduct during the sessions of the Summit.
    Godly conduct, moral excellence, loving relationship, good attitude and humility towards one another are expected throughout the Summit. Asking for financial assistance from WVCOM International or our guest speakers or other delegates is prohibited. No delegate should come with the intention and expectation of being able to recover their cost from preaching in churches or begging for funds, as they may be disappointed. WVCOM International does not have any contingent funds for delegates. Please prayerfully consider your coming and trust the Lord to make full provision for you before you make any plans to attend.
    WVCOM International is not in the position of setting any speaking engagement with any church in South Africa for any delegate. It is required that you make such arrangements on your own before you come. The Summit has been pre-planned, so we cannot have any one included on the list as guest speakers for this Summit. Please do not send any request of such to us, as we will not attend to it or respond to your communication.
    Temperatures in South Africa in the month of September ranges from 13 – 27 degree Celsius. A usual day may be warm, but cold at night. You must bring a light thick winter jacket or clothing suitable for such climate.
    Delegates from most African nation, Asia and South America must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Please do check with your immigration or the South Africa High Commission to see if you require a vaccination certificate, if not you will be required to pay almost US$80 for this at the airport, when it will be much cheaper for you to get it from your home country before departure.
    WVCOM International Office reserves all rights to change any of the published Summit detail without notice and have the final say on any matter relating to the Summit. We are prayerfully looking forward to having you here with us. If you have any enquiries or concern, please feel free to contact us.

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