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The Christ Generation Part 2

The Christ Generation Part 2: Israel Onoriobe audio podcast ministered at the House of Prayer Bendigo Australia: this apostolic message is titled The Christ Generation. WVCOM recordings are formatted to suit any type of Mac, PC, Android or IOS mobile device that plays Mp3 and the genre is speech. If imported into iTunes, files will display with graphics as the adjacent graphic. Like to download more Apostolic teaching by Apostle Israel Onoriobe, more Mp3 files are available for immediate download after purchase. […]

Spiritual Fathers and Sons

A successful transition in the present restoration of God is greatly determined by the measure of our relationship with an apostolic family that God places us in. An apostolic family is orchestrated by God as a means to create spiritual stability and systematic growth in the things that God is doing in this season and the present truths being revealed and declared. The Kingdom is about God’s family and not a particular denomination. A denomination represents a set of beliefs […]