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The Covenants – (The Law & Grace)

To understand and appreciate “Grace”, there is a need to first understand “The Law” and the principles that govern the two covenants, which God has revealed and given to humanity for the expression of His will on earth. The Law – Old Covenant: The law is a compilation of decrees given to the Israelites. This whole body of law was known as the Torah, which are the laws of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books […]

What Grace Does?

We are not just saved by grace; we are kept by grace and do all we do simply by the grace of God. We live every day by the grace of God. The wonder of the Love of our God for us is so great and awesome. There is absolutely nothing we can do of ourselves to merit salvation; even under the Old Covenant Law of Moses, there was nothing they could do of themselves to earn salvation, because their salvation was […]

What is Grace?

Let’s look at some of the different aspects of the definition of what “Grace” is, as this will help us better understand the grace of God. Grace is commonly defined as the Unmerited Favour of God, but it is more than just an “Unmerited Favour”. This “Unmerited Favour” is clearly seen with regards to our salvation from our sinful nature and the kindness of God’s mercy towards us under the New Covenant. Grace is therefore the undeserved gift of eternal […]

The Seven (7) Mountains of Influence

In advancing the kingdom of God we are to influence the earth for Christ. The Church must be a positive agent of change and transformation in the community. We are a Governmental Church – The saints must rise and take their place in the society as God’s agent. There is what is known today as the Seven (7) Mountains of Influence, and the nations of the earth is changed and transformed through these Seven (7) Mountains. 1. Family 2. Religion […]

Invading the Market Place Community

There is a new concept of Kingdom dynamics that we need to be aware of as the Church and be identified with. The Church has neglected her responsibility of kingdom administration in the market-place community because we have assumed that it is not part of the purposes of God to rule in this area, but the Lord is stirring the hearts of His saints to refocus on this assignment. The Kingdom of God will not be fully established in the […]