Training Centre

Training Centre

One of our strategies of reaching our goal of “… Declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom, Unveiling the Purposes of God and Reaching the Nations” is to build and establish an International Training & Resource Center (ITRC), a multi – purpose facility that will serve as base for the WVCOM International Network office, 500 seater training/conference hall, media room, library, base offices for our international network partners around the nations and for our Intercessory Network of Prayer for the nations. It will also provide guest homes for our resident leaders and those in the process of leadership training and as well serve for Community Develoment & Empowerment Program to impact the communities through humanitarian services of clothing and feeding the less priviledge.

International Training & Resource Center (ITRC) will offer the opportunity for leadership training, assistance in the five fold ministry, conferences/seminars and consulting services.
ITRC will become a prototype antioch center to release matured leaders and ministries into the nations. First, a place of identifying emerging leaders for training and development; and for those already in ministry wanting to make a transition from church to Kingdom – a paradigm shift into a new concept of Kingdom lifestyle and transitioning from the old strategy (church) to an innovative concept (Kingdom). It is a process of change of the old wineskin for the new. By creating an environment for impartation and development to assist leaders and ministries to make full transition into a Kingdom dimension in the present move of God.

ITRC will teach, train, mentor, mature, activate gifts and ministries,. We will impart, develop, motivate and release leaders and the saints to understanding personal calling, and identifying their gifts and talents, so they can function in their God ordained ministry in fulfilling the purposes of God.
ITRC will help disciple, deepen and strenghthen the relationship of the leaders with God through the impartation of knowlegde and expereince with biblical principles.
ITRC will function and operate as a resource and networking center, bringing together leaders and ministries around the world of like vision and purpose in order to see the Kingdom of God established in the earth. Our desire is that from this center there will be an effective networking, church planting and follow up of leaders and the release of the five fold ministry teams and company to the nations.

This is the strategy of WVCOM International to fulfil the vision and mandate of God upon our lives, and we are praying and trusting the Father that this will become a reality. We intend establishing this resource center in South Africa and we need finances to build this facility for the Kingdom of God.
At present, it is estimated that it will cost about 1.5 million – 2 million South African Rands to start and complete this project and see it functioning. The cost is ernomus, but the impact is invaluable.

We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider being a part of this assignment by contributing financially. Churches and ministries around the nations who are interested to see the Kingdom of God advance through this ministry can contribute their quota to finance this poject.
You can reach us and share your thoughts by contacting WVCOM International directly.

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