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Basic Concepts of the Kingdom of God

It is important that we have the right perception of Christ and His Kingdom as this will ultimately affect every aspect of our lives – our spiritual identity, how we approach Him, how we relate with Him and how we lead in our service for Him. (Further study of the scriptures will reveal to you that the Kingdom of God is NOT a place where the believers are going to inherit ONLY when they die, or a place that is […]

The Rapture Theory

According to history, over a century ago a new phenomenon arose known as the Zionism movement. By the late 1800’s and early 1900’s much of the Church had been influenced by this movement. Within a period of time many began to teach a new idea called “the rapture theory” in which Christ would soon come and take the Church to heaven suddenly from the earth before the great tribulation. In early 1800’s Edward Irving was excommunicated by the London presbytery […]